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Hi-Tech Manufacturing, LLC -
Experts at Machining PEEK

Hi-Tech Manufacturing and its subsidiary Global Contract Manufacturing (GCM) have extensive experience and expertise in machining PEEK.

From small to large components, from prototype runs to long run production orders, we have the experience to manufacture PEEK components to your exact specifications.

Technical data

PEEK is a high-performance thermoplastic material offering a unique combination of strength and biocompatibility. It is used in multiple engineering applications to produce medical components, gears, bearings, and other wear parts. PEEK is ideal for use in a wide range of applications that require strength, light weight, sterilization, and durability.

The unique benefits of PEEK significantly exceed those of components traditionally made of metal or other thermoplastic materials. These include chemical resistance, geometric stability and high dielectric performance.


PEEK is being used increasingly in biomedical applications that take advantage of its biocompatibility and strength, such as medical implants, spinal fusion devices, and reinforcing rods that demand those qualities. This material is widely used in the aerospace and transportation industries where product weight is a major consideration.

Machining PEEK

Hi-Tech is thoroughly experienced in machining PEEK. While machining PEEK is essentially the same as machining metals, the material’s physical properties require close attention to several important factors. These include limiting heat build-up, since the softening temperatures of engineering plastics are roughly 1/10th those of metals; preventing melting or scorching, as the surface temperature in PEEK parts can become extremely high; and monitoring tolerance, since temperature rise can cause PEEK parts to fall out of tolerance.

The choice of tooling is also critical in machining PEEK parts, since proper tooling reduces heat buildup and produces the proper surface finish.


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