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Oxygen-free Copper

Hi-Tech Manufacturing, LLC -
Experts with Oxygen-free Copper

Hi-Tech Manufacturing and its subsidiary Global Contract Manufacturing (GCM) have the experience and expertise to fabricate components with oxygen-free copper.

Technical data

Oxygen-free copper is produced by electrolytically refining and then casting copper under non-oxidizing conditions. Certified electronic grade oxygen-free copper contains few impurities and at least 99.99% copper.

Oxygen-free copper offers exceptional electrical conductivity above 100% IACS (typically up to 102% of IACS), high thermal conductivity and ductility, resistance to deformation and corrosion, and resistance to hydrogen embrittlement for secure welding and brazing. It is suitable for use in vacuum and non-vacuum environments, high and cryogenic temperatures, and can be used for machining, welding, brazing, and sputtering processes.


Oxygen-free copper is used for components in the electronics, medical, electrical, and scientific industries. Examples include printed circuit boards, transmitter tubes, waveguide tubes, linear accelerators, glass-to-metal seals, X-ray tubes, vacuum interrupters, and scientific instruments. Other applications include superconducting wires, laser mirrors, coils for induction furnaces and electrical magnets, and heat sinks for semiconductor bases. Tuyéres for steelmaking blast furnaces are also fabricated from oxygen-free copper.

Using Oxygen-free copper

We have the expertise and capabilities to fabricate and braze your components using oxygen-free copper. Expertise and quality control are critical factors in the delivery of high-quality components for demanding environments and applications. Hi-Tech Manufacturing and Global Contract Manufacturing (GCM) are both ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified, with robust quality control processes in place for timely delivery of high-quality components containing oxygen-free copper.

We work with oxygen-free copper

Oxygen-free coppers we work with:

  • C10100 (OFE - electronic grade)
  • C10200 (OF)
  • C10300

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