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Experience and Expertise in Machining Hastelloy® *

Hi-Tech Manufacturing and its subsidiary Global Contract Manufacturing (GCM) have the experience and expertise to machine Hastelloy®.

Technical data

Hastelloy® is a registered trademark for a family of nickel-based “superalloys” with a high content of chromium and/or molybdenum depending on the specific alloy. Hastelloy® alloys offer resistance to corrosive pitting, stress cracking, and crevicing. They are typically used for components destined for demanding environments where high strength and resistance to chemicals, corrosion, and oxidation are required; together with excellent physical properties at high temperatures and low thermal expansion. Various Hastelloy® alloys are resistant to hydrogen sulphide; hydrofluoride; ferric ions; chlorine; bromine; formic, acetic, nitric, sulphuric and hydrofluoric acids; and other challenging chemicals. Oxidation resistance to around 2000°F (1095°C) can be attained with Hastelloy®.


Hastelloy® is frequently used in the aerospace and gas turbine industries for combustors, casings, seal rings, and transition ducts. 

Other applications include reactors, pumps and bellows in chemical processing, bellows in the pharmaceutical industry, components in sour gas wells, heat exchangers and diaphragm valves, pressure regulators, and tubing in the semiconductor industry.

Machining Hastelloy

Machining Hastelloy® alloys requires expertise and a thorough understanding of their properties. Traditional techniques can result in stresses and degradation of these materials, and rapid work hardening makes machining laborious. Hi-Tech Manufacturing and Global Contract Manufacturing (GCM) have the capabilities to turn, mill, and cut Hastelloy® in its solution-annealed state. We use techniques that avoid stresses, degradation, and excessive work hardening, and then finish
components after allowing the alloy to stabilize. Waterjet cutting of Hastelloy® is also an option. 

Achieving accurate, durable results with no degradation can be difficult when machining Hastelloy®. This makes expertise and quality control critical factors in the delivery of high-quality components within tolerances. Hi-Tech Manufacturing is ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified, with robust quality control processes in place for timely delivery of high-quality Hastelloy® components to our customers.

We work with Hastelloy® alloys

A sample of the Hastelloy® alloys we work with:

  • HASTELLOY® S alloy
  • HASTELLOY® X alloy
  • HASTELLOY® C-22HS, C 276 and C3
  • HASTELLOY® G-50® and G-30

*Registered trademark of Haynes International Inc.

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