Machining & Assembly Solutions



Precision Machined Close Tolerance Components and Assemblies

Hi-Tech Manufacturing's skilled machinists use only the latest CNC machines to produce precision components, many of which are held to extremely close tolerances. Typically programmed with CAD/CAM, these CNC Machines have the ability to mill or turn virtually any material from aluminum & stainless steel to exotics and extremely hard materials. We also have the capability to machine most plastics including PEEK.  In addition to our CNC expertise, our manual milling and turning capabilities are second to none.  While our core business historically has utilized significant milling and turning processing, we have also developed waterjet cutting and an assortment of secondary operations (please see our capabilities page for additional details).

From e-mailed CAD files to finished components and assemblies, from prototypes runs to long run production orders, we have the expertise and experience to machine components to your exact specifications.

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